John McCarthy, Realtor | Sales Manager

John McCarthy

Realtor | Sales Manager

John McCarthy is a 15-year real estate veteran who has developed a very refined skill set that can only be obtained by experiencing multiple unique and competitive real estate markets. Being a native Texan whose career started in Southern California and is currently working in the Austin Metro area, John's expertise includes a vast array of residential real estate sales scenarios that requires an incredible amount of diligence and creative thinking. Throughout his experience, John has developed the ability to recognize various potential outcomes that can occur during the home sale process.

From thoughtful investigating of properties and analyzing the current and future market conditions, John can identify what new options are needed to create the winning solution. John's straight to the point, clear, and concise way of communicating makes him shine in the real estate industry. When it comes down to negotiating in a complicated or competitive scenario, if you're working with John McCarthy, then you've got the best Realtor in town to get the job done. With John, you get it all.

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Cell Phone 512-688-7433